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Bridport Lions Club is here to serve the local community primarily, although we stand ready to assist our colleagues further afield when the need arises – such as the flooding in Cockermouth or the earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand. When we receive requests from groups, local organisations or individuals for assistance, the first thing we do is to assess the application for funds against a number of criteria.  Sometimes this will require obtaining more information, especially in the case of individuals who must always be supported by the relevant local or governmental organisation to ensure the validity of the submission. We also need some indication of what alternative ways the individual/organisation has considered to raise the cash before coming to us. The reason for such scrutiny is that we believe we have a duty to those who have kindly donated money to us to make sure that it will go to a good cause and also to ensure we make every pound go as far as we can. The good news is that, unlike some of the other charities in Bridport, we do have complete autonomy over our decisions on who to help.

Some requests are not for cash at all but simply for assistance in transporting people to their monthly club for the blind, for example. This and other similar needs will always be considered but will necessarily be subject to the availability of club members to assist.    

We do not normally handover cash to individuals, our preference is to facilitate the purchase of equipment or supplies. However, on occasions it will be necessary to hand over a cheque to organisations where the club is adding its contribution to other donations for funding larger projects. Indeed, each year in concert with the four other clubs in our zone in west Dorset, we join forces to make a more sizeable donation to a common cause than would be possible by one club alone. In 2012 we donated £2500 to the Brainwaves charity and in 2013 we will be making a similar amount available to the Exeter Drug Project to provide a new service to older residents in need of support in this part of the county. We also help other charitable bodies such as Julia’s Hospice or the RNLI by running stalls on their behalf which avoids us dipping into our funds which we are keen to preserve for our other obligations in areas such as youth development.

If you have a request CLICK HERE. The more information you can give us, including contact details, the sooner we can provide an answer to your need.

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