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Lions Membership

Become a Lion - Lions Promotional Video

The Club is always looking for suitable new members. Usually people who approach us have questions about Lions. We have a list of the ten most frequently asked questions - and answers!   


Latest Members.

On the 27th July Bridport Lions had the pleasure of adding two new members as they push to increase membership this year. Clive Greenaway and Sheila Burton formerly joined the club after assisting at recent events.

Lions come in all different shapes and sizes and bring a great diversity to their club. What they have in common is the willingness to give up some of their time and efforts to help people, locally and globally, who are less fortunate than themselves.  

You will see us out and about collecting money for local charities, dressing up for the Carnival in Bridport, disguised as Father Christmas and his helpers outside Morrison’s, and, with the help of nurses, testing the local population for diabetes. In a quiet way we help local people and organisations in practical ways such as taking the elderly to clubs.  We also give money when national or international disasters occur. All the money we earn goes to charity. – a proud boast of Lions.

Membership is by invitation, but unless we know you we can’t invite you! If you think you would like to find out more about Lions Club of Bridport, if you think you can come to meetings twice a month, if you enjoy working for the good of others and having fun in the process, if you think Lions is for you, then please get in touch

Please phone Lion Peter on:-

0845 833 7409 or email Lion June Edwardes our Membership Officer at membership@bridportlionsclub.org

We look forward to you call or email.