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           Lions Donate £200 for Mosquito Nets for the Orpanage in Kenya

Awaken Love is a registered UK charity: 1151671. They are helping orphans, widows and very poor families and communities mainly in Kenya. Since 2007 we have been raising money and sponsorship to see lives changed and to bring hope to those less fortunate than ourselves. Their main project since 2009 has been working with The Gideon Orphanage where there are 185 orphaned children.

Awaken Love’s aim is to help meet the basic needs of children and also to get them into school and to help the widows become self sufficient by establishing them in small businesses. We hope by doing this, that it will effect the community and make living somewhat easier for them.

Our main area of work is the Gideons Orphanage. Here are some brief points to give you an idea of what we do:-

There are 185 children that live on site permanently from ages 2-22 years

There are 350 children from the village that attend the primary school – these are home based children that they feed lunch to as well

There are 120 children in the newly built secondary school

There is 32 acres of land that maize and vegetables are planted on

There is a hatchery and a poultry farm

The Gideons have a tailoring business and help make local school uniforms and clothes for woman and men

There is a tree business and they have planted and grown over 100,000 trees

During the drought this year we fixed a local bore hole and helped give water back to over 10,000 people

£400 donation to Asha Deep Foundation

The Club made this donation via Beaminster School who had planned a trip to the foundation in India. Below is a write up from the School:-

I think we have (just about) now recovered from our fantastic trip to India and before too much more time passes, wanted to write and thank you for your support. Your contribution has made a real difference to the orphans at the Asha Deep Foundation. When we arrived, they were seriously worried about how they were going to manage the ever increasing food and fuel costs (the same the world over, it seems), and the relief on their faces when we passed over our contributions was clear. It all goes a long way – for example £400 is sufficient to take an orphan child off the streets, accommodate them in the Asha Deep orphanage, provide all their education, healthcare, food, clothing and personal needs for a whole year!     

Gilly Poulten    Beaminster School

Lions Support for Children In Tanzania

Over the last 5 years Bridport Lions and its individual members have supported the children who attend 4 schools in the province of Dodoma in northern Tanzania. The schools were devastated by refugees who fled from the civil war in neighbouring Ruanda, many of them remaining after the war finished.

The Lions have replaced over 50 desks, used as firewood by the refugees, with new desks made locally, which has also helped employ local people.

Bridport Lions also have funded the provision of books and stationery, school uniforms and meals for nearly 400 refugees, orphans and children of poorer families, who were previously unable or unwilling to attend school. Because of this, attendance has risen from 40% to 90% and school reports show that most of the children are now above average in examination results, while 8 of them are occupying best positions.

John from Kigwe School said “Thank you for the gift. It is my first gift to be received since I started school. I feel valued and great.”